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How do I comply with the Building Regulations?

The duty to comply with the requirements of Part P of the Building Regulations rests with the person carrying out the work – the installer. Whoever carries out the work is also responsible for ensuring your local authority is notified of certain higher risk work – known as 'notifiable' work.

If electrical work is notifiable, there are three routes you can take to ensure compliance:

1. Self-certification by a registered competent person

The tradesperson you hire via this route will be able to take care of the installation, notification and certification of work on your behalf. For a full list of competent, registered electricians, visit:

2. Third-party certification by a registered third-party certifier

The certifier you hire via this route is able to monitor the work you do yourself or the work of an unregistered contractor you have chosen. They must be notified before work commences and have access to inspect it at key stages. They are able to take care of notifying your local authority and of the certifying the work if it meets the required standard. Scheme operators that currently accredit these operatives can be found… HERE

3. Certification by a building control body (normally from your local authority)

If you carry out work yourself or hire an unregistered contractor, you can also get it signed off as compliant by an approved inspector officer from your local authority. Please contact your local authority to start the process. Further information will be available from