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The Electrical Safety Roundtable and TrustMarkhave collaborated to create a new Reporting tool to monitor levels of unsafeand non-compliant electrical installations in homes across Great Britain.

The Electrical Safety Roundtable was founded ona mission to improve electrical safety in the home. TrustMark provides amark of Government Endorsed Quality to tradespeople who undertake work in andaround people’s homes. Takinginspiration from the Health and Safety Executive’s tool for reporting ofinjuries, diseases, and dangerous occurrences (RIDDOR) and the tool forCollaborative Reporting for Safer Structures (CROSS) as a team these twoorganisations have created a tool to help to monitor the levels of unsafe andnon-compliant electrical installations in homes within Great Britain.

With recent Regulations putting a greateremphasis on mandatory electrical safety checks, the industry expects moreinstances of unsafe and non-compliant electrical installations to be uncoveredin homes, yet this information is currently not being tracked or monitoredcentrally. This poses a challenge to getting a true understanding of the risksposed by electrical installations in homes throughout Great Britain andtherefore makes it challenging to consider whether policy or industryintervention is needed to mitigate the risk.

The data collected will be analysed regularly,and the results will be made public. In addition to improving the electricalsafety of homeowners and tenants, it is hoped that the data gathered will helpshape policy discussions and industry initiatives. Similarly, if successful, thisprovision could be applied in other industries.

Commenting on the launch Simon Ayers, CEO TrustMark said, “Thisis a really important initiative which will help to identify areas ofelectrical safety risk in homes across Great Britain. Having this data providesthe opportunity to improve the standard and quality of electrical installationwork where it’s needed, and help to tackle key areas of skills, knowledge andtraining.”

Chris Pack, Chair of the Electrical SafetyRoundtable in the Home said: ‘It’s great to see this initiative reachfruition. As an organisation it is our mission to enhance electrical safety andthe results from this tool will help us understand the major areas of electricalrisk in homes and provide quantifiable data on the level of risk posed byunsafe and non-compliant electrical installations. We are looking forward toreviewing and anaylsing the data over the coming months and using thatinformation to maximise our impact.’

Alongside the reporting tool, a new webpage onthe Electrical Safety Roundtable Website has been created to provide consumerswith guidance on how to seek redress and rectification of unsafe ornon-compliant electrical work.

Access the reporting tool here:

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