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Why use a competent registered electrician?

Competent Person Schemes (CPS) were introduced by the UK Government to allow individuals and businesses to self-certify that their work is compliant with applicable Building Regulations.

The operators of these schemes hold registers of tradespeople and businesses that have demonstrated their ability to work in a safe and compliant manner by meeting strict entry requirements and undergoing regular assessments to ensure their ongoing competence.

Those registered on these schemes are able to notify work to your local authority on your behalf when required. They must also provide the certificates necessary to demonstrate compliance with the Building Regulations and which you may be asked to produce if you should come to sell your property.

To help ensure that the work is carried out safely, homeowners should use an installer registered with a Part P Competent Person Scheme operator as they have been assessed as competent to meet the requirements of Part P in the work that they do.

Homeowners undertaking electrical installation work on a DIY basis can take advantage of the Department of Communities and Local Government's third party certification schemes to have their work checked for safety and compliance.

For a full list of competent, registered electricians, visit:

To search for a registered third party certifier, please select one of the available third party certification scheme operators' websites, listed… HERE